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                                                The History of Beaneath It All

  Like most women I take good care of my face. In fact, like many women I obsess over the care of my face. And like many women I have tried a vast array of over-the-counter products available to care for my skin, often with mixed results.
  As an R.N. of 35 years. I have always thought of my skin at the organic level – what is really happening to the skin at a level that can’t be seen by the naked eye.  I became interested in topically applying organic foods that we normally ingest.  The highly advertised facial renewal products were not as effective as proclaimed.  Diet is obviously important but I wanted to apply the benefits topically as well.   
​  When I starting reading about the antioxidant properties of coffee and the antibacterial qualities of honey, I began to toy with the idea of creating a facial mask combining the best qualities of both. I whipped up a batch, slapped it on, and woke up the next day to find my face fresher, cleaner and with seemingly fewer lines and wrinkles. I thought I might be on to something. After a few dozen trail runs in which I re-jiggered the ratios of the ingredients, I finally settled on a mix that I liked and had, in the process, developed a new skin care product – one that is all organic, natural and that actually worked for me. Amazingly the product worked equally well on my friends!

                                           The big test came in the autumn of 2010 on Doctor Oz!

 Dr. Oz, the television personality, requested viewers to send in their own home beauty tips and skin care products.  I was chosen to appear on the show!  It aired on September 20, 2010, and three skin care experts on the show loved my product and each cited the various ingredients' potential benefits of topical application to the skin.  Dr. Oz even applied some to his hand as we spoke and noticed that the skin on his hand was tightening up even after just a few minutes.   I fact, he still has references to my idea on his website.

 Well, I've decided to make it available to everyone.  I started a company and called it Beaneath It All, LLC, and even came up with my own slogan "At The Root of Everything Good Lies Nature." 

  I hope that you will give it a try, and that you enjoy it and its benefits as much as I do!

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