Beaneath Gallery of Happy Customers
"I have rosacea and have for more than 20 years. The hallmarks are large pores and bumpy red skin. I have been very careful with facial products due to the sensitive nature of my skin. I have been using the Espresso Honey Mask for 6 months now and have found a noticeable change in my pore size. The pores have diminished in appearance and my skin feels smooth to the touch. I use the mask once or twice a week after cleansing. I then follow it up with a serum or moisturizer. Since using the mask, my skin has improved so much that I only wear eye makeup and lipstick -- no foundation is needed. The natural look is better for me and my lifestyle.

The fragrance of the mask is stimulating and comforting all at the same time. The consistency is so fine that it does not irritate my sensitive skin. I notice if I do not use it for a few days, my rosacea will flare up and become a problem again.

By Karen McGinn -- regular user of the Espresso Honey with Avocado Mask.

​"I a 61 year old male from Connecticut. My business is roofing and siding. I am exposed to the weather conditions that are extreme hot or cold most of the time. I tried this with my wife for the heck of it and my kids noticed the difference in my eyes. The lines had diminished and the flush in my face diminished giving me a more youthful appearance. It was really smooth. My wife had similar effects. We both use it now."

By Dennis -- 61 years old

​"I am a female in my 50's. Cindy gave it to me to try long before she was on Doctor Oz. Amazing results! My skin felt extremely smooth and moisturized, wrinkles seemed to diminish, and the skin on my face was taut. I can tell the difference when I do not use it for a while. As a long time runner, my skin is always exposed to the sun, and I am always concerned about the effects of it on my skin.  Beaneath certainly helped. My husband even noticed the difference, which is something to be said. Can't wait until it's available."

​By Jane Heiser -- regular user of Espresso Honey with Avocado Mask

​"Your mask made my skin very smooth. It was a great routine to keep up with. Everyone noticed the difference. All my friends cannot wait till it comes out."

​By Edite -- 38 years old
I am a fair skinned redhead in my 50s. I tried the Beaneath face mask and I was extremely pleased with the results! My skin was smooth, lines were reduced and my skin was amazingly soft. Even my teenage daughter noticed after only one application. I have tried many facial products and Beaneath is my absolute favorite! -- Kathleen
Laura and Lyla at our product launch party
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Learning to apply the mask.
In 2012, we launched our product with a fun party at a a hair salon in Montclair, New Jersey called Bangz.  It's a beautfully restored church that has been transformed into a welcoming and warm environment.
Like Mother, like daughter
Setting up the display for the NBC Live show segment showing new products under the radar. Orders starting coming in within 30 seconds of the segment ending!  A great start!

One happy customer liked the product so much, she sent it to her friends and family in Krakow Poland to try.  They seem to have liked it.!!!!!
Pozdrowienia z Polski !!!!!